Red Wine

Served well-chilled, our authentically made Dry Red Wine is a refreshingly delicate with hints of grapes, citrus, and sulphites.

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Wine specs

Tasting Notes

Pure gold in colour, with hints of yellow still and no amber. Floral, honeyed-peach and apricot, an impression of great sweetness but not over-heady.

Grapes grown in beautiful organic soil of Ugogo Villages:- Nkulabi (NK), Mpunguzi, Matumbulu, Chiwona, Makang’wa, Mvumi Makulu, Mvumi Mission, Mvumi Muungano, Chibelela & Handali.

Wine specs

Food Pairing Notes

DANE Dry Red Wine comes in dry white and red styles, so grab a bottle that works for the meal you choose. Open up a bottle for a barbecue or picnic—it’s such a versatile choice that it’ll work for most of your meals. Pair your bottle with:

  1. Grilled Veggies (think kabobs)
  2. Roast Chicken or pork dishes
  3. Creamy Pasta dishes
  4. Seafood (Shrimp, Crab, Oysters)
  5. Meaty Fish or Shellfish

Wine specs

Packaging Notes

DANE Dry Red Wine is packaged in 750 ml bottles and 5 Litres in plastic jerrycans. All our products are marked by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) labels to guarantee Quality assurance from the origin to final processed product.

Disclaimer: The sale of our products is strictly for persons over the age of 18.

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